Contents Lab128 - Tools for Advanced Oracler Tuning and Monitoring. Reference Guide.

Lab128 Reference Guide - Contents

Getting started.

It is advisable to read through this small section to get basic knowledge on how to setup the program and use it.

Lab128 Windows Reference.

Topics in this section are called from running program whenever user needs help and presses F1.

The Main Menu is also included in this section.

Customizing Lab128

Lab128 can be adapted to virtually any type of environment. This section explains available settings and customization options.

Lab128 Concepts and Technical Details

This section explains tuning concepts used in Lab128. Read this section if you need to get deeper understanding how Lab128 works and how to use it.

SQL Central

SQL Central is almost completely independent from the rest of the application. SQL Central is a powerful SQL editor with auto-trace, SQL plan statistics, Explain plan and many other features.

About Statistics

This section contains description of various statistics used in Lab128. These topics are called from the application when "About Statistic" item of pop-up menu is selected.