Contents Lab128 - Tools for Advanced Oracler Tuning and Monitoring. Reference Guide.

Page Properties

Please be familiar with SQL Central concept to have a full understanding of Page properties.

Repository Folder Name, Repository Page Name

The Navigation tree has two levels: the Folder level and the Page level. These two names correspond to the levels. Changing them may change the position of a page in the tree.

The Folder Name cannot be empty. It indicates what folder the page will be placed in. If you change that name to a non-existing folder, a new folder will be created.

Use the Page Name edit box to change the name of the page. This name appears in the Navigation tree. This page name can also be edited in the Navigation tree by editing in-place.

File Name.

This edit box is empty for pages stored in the built-in repository. For pages linked to files, a full file name is shown. You can link or unlink the page to / from the file by entering / removing the file name. For convenience, the "Save As" file dialog is available. No real action happens when this dialog is used, only the file name is returned. The actual changes happen when "Apply Changes" is pressed.

This table explains what happens when you change File Name property and then press "Apply Changes" button:

C:\a.sql File will be unlinked and left unchanged; the page will be stored in the SQL Central repository.
 C:\b.sqlConverts to a linked page. If file already exists, you will be prompted to confirm overwrite; otherwise a new file is created.
C:\a.sqlC:\b.sqlWorks as a combination of the previous two cases.

Apply Changes, Cancel Changes, Remove Page.

Use these buttons to: commit page properties changes; cancel them, restoring to the previous state; drop the page.