Contents Lab128 - Tools for Advanced Oracler Tuning and Monitoring. Reference Guide.

Main Menu


New - Initiates a new connection to an Oracle instance by opening the Login window;
All Overview (F4) - Opens the Instances Overview window;
Close Monitor - Closes the current monitor (the monitor currently having focus);
Close Secondary Windows - Closes all windows of the current monitor leaving Main Window open only;
Save Performance Data - The collected performance data will be saved in the file. Choose the name and location of the new file in the dialog box;
Open Performance Data File - Opens a new monitor window in the "Viewer" mode and load previously saved performance data. No connection to Oracle is made in this mode; the performance data file is opened in read-only mode and will not be changed.


Activity Explorer (F5) - Opens the Activity Explorer window;
Sessions (F6) - Opens the Session Details window;
Session History - Opens the Session History window;
Session Longops - Opens the Session Longops window;
Latches - Opens the Latches window;
Locks and Locked Objects - Opens the Lock and Locked Object Details window;
TS Details - Opens the Tablespaces and Datafiles window;
Temp Segments - Opens the Temporary Segments window;
Transactions - Opens the Transactions and Rollback Segments window;
Buffer Explorer - Opens the Buffer Explorer window;
Segments and Extents - Opens the Segments and Extents window;
SQL Area - Opens the SQL Area window;
SQL Explorer - Opens the SQL Explorer window;
Predefined Charts - The submenu of this item opens the predefined Statistic Detailed Charts window;
User Charts - The submenu of this item opens the user-defined Statistic Detailed Charts window;
Correlation Analysis - The submenu of this item opens the user-defined Statistics Correlation window;
Top Processes - Opens the Top Processes window;
Alert File Viewer - Opens the Alert File Viewer window;


Top Processes - Opens the Top Processes window. Use this menu item when you need to open Top Processes for an arbitrary host. If you want to open Top Processes on the host where Oracle instance runs, it is advisable to use Main menu | View | Top Processes;
Previously Accessed Alert Files - Contains a submenu that lists all previously accessed Alert files. Selecting item in the submenu opens the Alert File Viewer window with the selected Alert file loaded. Use this menu item when there is no monitor opened for a particular instance, or the instance is down and the monitor cannot be opened. If you have Instance monitor running and you want to see corresponding Alert file, use Main menu | View | Alert File Viewer;


The content and availability of Report menu is dependent on Oracle version being monitored and the context when the menu was opened. For example, if you have Sessions window open and session selected, then menus for session-level reports will be enabled. Similarly, for currently selected SQL the SQL-level reports will be enabled; for current instance - instance-level reports; for current schema - schema-level reports; for current table/index (in the Explain Plan) - table/index reports; for current tablespace/datafile - tablespace/datafile reports etc. More on Reports.


Edit Queries - Opens the Measurement Query Editor window;
Edit Statistics - Opens the Statistics Editor window;


Settings for Monitored Instance - Opens the Settings window where settings specific to the instance can be edited;
Lab128 Options - Opens the Lab128 Options window. This window brings up application-wide settings;
Dump Events and Groups into File - Saves the Oracle events grouping into a file. See also Activity Explorer / About event grouping;


SQL Central (F12) - Opens the SQL Central window;
Open Putty for Current Instance - Opens Putty providing host name as a parameter in the Putty's command line. Also see Putty String in Lab128 options;


Main Window (Ctrl+M or F2) - Switches focus to the Instance Main Window of the current instance;


Content - Opens the help content window;
Logs - Opens the Instance Logs window;
About - Opens the About box. The About box displays the Lab128 version number and name of the licensing party.
Check For New Versions - Opens the default Internet browser and passes URL that contains a query to web site for the latest version of Lab128. If for some reason the default browser doesn't start, you can copy the URL and check for the new version manually using any browser.

Back - Switches focus to the previously viewed window;
Forward - Switches focus to the next window in call history;
Main Window (Ctrl+M) - Switches focus to the Instance Main Window of the current instance;