Contents Lab128 - Tools for Advanced Oracler Tuning and Monitoring. Reference Guide.

Session History

The Session History provides a complete history of session activity. It allows you to drill down into session activity details at a specific point in time.

For Oracle 10g, you can choose to use ASH (although it's not necessary) to pre-populate Lab128 with collected data. Please note that v$active_session_history view is a part of the Oracle 10g Diagnostic Pack and requires purchase of the ODP license. Therefore, Lab128 provides additional savings by implementing ASH functions and not requiring the purchase of ODP.

How to use this window.

This window has three sections: upper - the session activity chart; middle - the tabular view of session details; and lower - specific details for the selected session.

The Active Sessions chart provides quick overview of activity and identifies spikes of activity. Select the point in time that you want to explore deeper. The tabular view shows all active sessions at that time and details about them. Here you can identify which sessions were the biggest bottlenecks during a specific point in time. The lower section shows specific details for the selected session, such as waits, locks, object access, etc.

Viewing options.

You can select sessions to view in 3 ways. Selecting a point in time on the graph, scrolling through snapshots based on previous/next snapshot time, or scrolling through snapshots based on similar criteria (such as Wait Event, SID, OS User, etc.)

Descriptions of the columns in the Session Details tabular view.