Contents Lab128 - Tools for Advanced Oracler Tuning and Monitoring. Reference Guide.

Files used by Lab128

Read-only files

These files can be stored in read-only directory, such as CD-Rom or Program Files in Windows 7.

lab128.exe - Lab128 executable file;

lab128.chm - Lab128 help file;

Read/write files located in the Working Directory

By default, the working directory is the same as the location of executable files. This directory must have read/write access. First, Lab128 tries to use the directory it started from as a working directory. If this directory doesn't have read/write access, then Lab128 tries to locate %APPDATA%\lab128 directory. If this directory exists, it will be used as a working directory. If it doesn't exist, it will be created with your approval. As alternative, use 'workdir="path" parameter to overwrite the default location.

lab128.ini - Lab128 settings file. Lab128 system-wide options and instance-specific options are stored in this file;

<instance_name>_<host_name>.log - Instance status log file;

<instance_name>_<host_name>.dt and <instance_name>_<host_name>.~dt - files that mirror Lab128 in-memory collected performance data. Also see "Mirror Lab128 performance data to the disk" option in the help for the Settings window.

<alias>_sql.txt - The user-defined measurement queries are stored in this file (see Measurement Query Editor);

<alias>_user_stats.txt - The user-defined statistic's formulas are stored in this file (see Statistics Editor);

<alias>_replace_sql.txt - The user-defined SQL texts to replace built-in Lab128 queries. The format of the file is shown below. Note that you need to find the name of query in Query Editor, and then use this name in the file:

<query name=queryname;>
   this is a sql text

<page_name>_charts.txt - The user-defined Statistic Charts Page;

ev_group.sample - The Oracle event grouping sample file;

ev_group.ini - The Oracle event grouping file - if present, Lab128 is using grouping as defined in this file.

sql_repo.txt - The SQL Central repository file to store SQL texts and links to SQL files;

known_hosts - Keeps remote host public key fingerprints used in SSH connection. It uses OpenSSH file format for know_hosts file. Any text editor can be used to edit this file and remove unneeded entries.