Contents Lab128 - Tools for Advanced Oracler Tuning and Monitoring. Reference Guide.

Transactions and Rollback Segments

The Transactions and Rollback Segments window provides detail about active transactions. It also lists Rollback segments, shows cumulative statistics, and highlights which segment is used by an active transaction. Use this window to identify the age of the transaction, how much of redo is generated, number of locked objects etc.

Viewing options.

There are two tabular views in this window: upper one - Transactions; lower one - Rollback Segments. As a different transaction is selected, the corresponding rollback segment is highlighted. Below is an example of this window. Also, the picture shows the location of hot spots: the SID and LckObj columns. Click on these columns to open the Session Details and Lock and Locked Object Details windows, respectively.

Descriptions of the columns in the Transactions tabular view.

Descriptions of the columns in the Rollback Segments tabular view.

Note: All joins between data from different sources are performed internally in Lab128 to offload the monitored instance from unnecessary work.